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  1. To add an item to your Shopping Cart, simply click on “Add to Cart” from the product page.
  2. To view the items in your Shopping Cart click on the Shopping Cart icon in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. To remove an item from your Shopping Cart, click the wastebasket icon located to the right of the product in your Cart. Your Shopping Cart will automatically recalculate your total.
  4. To change the quantity of an item in your Shopping Cart, click “edit” located underneath the quantity.
  5. Click on “Proceed to Checkout” to complete your purchase.

Don’t worry! Just contact us via email at support@GenkiDirect.com or clike “Contact Us” to send us your questions and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.

This is a confirmation of your order – think of it like a receipt. It confirms that your order was successfully submitted. The email includes the details of your purchase, including your order number, the products you purchased, order tracking numbers, etc. Hold onto this email for your records.

We respect your privacy and send all packages discreetly in plain packaging. There are no stickers or promotional slogans on the packaging other than those of the post carrier or delivery company.

Given the speed at which we fulfill orders, it is not possible to cancel orders after it has been placed. However, we can assist you in initiating a return for a refund or exchange after an order is placed. Click here to review our returns/exchanges page for more information on how to proceed with a return.

Once your order has been billed you will receive a shipment confirmation email that confirms that your order has been shipped from our Fulfillment Center. You can check the status of your order by reviewing your order on your account or Cleck here to track your order.

We will ship the portion of your order that is in stock and issue a shipping confirmation and tracking number. We will inform you of the missing item(s) and issue a refund.

Tracking information may not be available for the first 24 to 48 hours after you receive your shipping confirmation email. If 48 hours have passed and you’re still unable to track your order, please feel free to contact us.

Yes! We ship orders to all over the world.


You may pay with a debit or credit card as well as with your Paypal.

We accept the following as a form of payment:

American Express

For security, we do not store your credit card information on file.


Orders are processed within 1 – 2 business days (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays).

Orders placed on holidays, Saturdays or Sundays will be processed the following business day.


If you have questions or need further advice on choosing a posture corrector, feel free to contact us by sending an email to support@GenkiDirect.com with your questions. We’re here to help!

You can use our Size Chart on the product page for a quick glance at the recommended measurements for each size. Each product has it’s own sizing and it’s best to review the size chart on each product page. If you still need help, just send us an email at support@GenkiDirect.com.

Oops, we’re sorry – it might be temporarily out of stock, but don’t lose hope! Click “Notify Me When Available” and we’ll email you when your size is back in stock.

No it will not! Our posture corrector is not made out of super stiff material that will keep your posture locked in place like a cement vest, nor is that even healthy. Our posture corrector is an aid that helps your muscles maintain the correct posture, acting as a constant reminder to your and your muscles that keep your posture straight. Your muscles will develop over time to maintain it.

No, unless you are wearing the posture corrector incorrectly. If you experience pinching either you are wearing it too tight or you are slouching your shoulders into the posture corrector too much. Loosen the straps to your comfort level and pull those shoulders back! That’s the beauty of GENKI™ Posture Corrector, if you are slouching, it will become uncomfortable, forcing you to keep your shoulders back to regain comfort. It is the perfect way to strengthen your muscles to develop longterm healthy posture.

Yes! It’s especially designed to fit around male and female physiques.

Your body will not be used to the new posture, so it will take time. Stop wearing it as soon as it becomes uncomfortable, take a break and wear it again. We recommend not wearing it to sleep. Most of our customers achieve great success wearing it 2 – 4 hours at a time.

Yes! GENKI™ Posture Corrector is designed to be sleek so that it fits under shirts or clothing, so you can be wearing it in public without people noticing. But for maximum comfort, consider wearing it over underware.


Please see our return policy for details.

International orders have a different return process and do not qualify for free returns or exchanges, please view our international orders return/exchange procedures.


Please allow 7 to 15 business days to receive your order. Once your order has been billed you will receive a shipment confirmation email that confirms that your order has been shipped from our Fulfillment Center.

Once your order has been billed you will receive a shipment confirmation email that confirms that your order has been shipped from our Fulfillment Center. You can check the status of your order by reviewing your order on your account or Cleck here to track your order.

If your tracking information says the package was “delivered,” first double-check the area where the carrier would have left it. Ask neighbors too in case the package was dropped at the wrong door. Also, look for any “attempted delivery” notices, which means the carrier tried to deliver it, but no one was home. If you still don’t see anything, wait until the end of the next day, because some carriers’ electronic systems may show the package as delivered, even when it’s still on the way. Still no luck? Call the carrier with your tracking number for more information.

If the carrier is unable to provide a resolution please contact our Customer Center by sending an email to support@GenkiDirect.com.

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