Better Posture, Better Body Shape and Healthier Body

GENKI was founded in 2012 by Kobayashi Masano from Japan. Our Mission is to provide simple, convenient and effective products while helping you achieve the good shaping and a healthier lifestyle.

Most people in modern life are suffering for the back and neck pain caused by the long time wrong posture while using computer and mobile phone. The posture is something which is not only important health-wise, but also brings a lot to your sense of style.

Therefore, we decided to design a wearable product that can help prevent people’s poor body posture. Our Products are designed to reeducate and retrain your back’s musculature to help you develop and maintain a healthier and upright position. These posture corrector offer gentle reminder to fix the posture..Whether it’s to snap out of a slouch, unroll their compressed shoulders, or erect a sagging mid-back. You can easily get rid of the texting neck, fix the posture in order to move,sleep and breathe better.

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